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pietre per la macina delle olive olio extravergine

The biologically run Agricultural Company “ Terre di Calabria” owned by the Macrina Brothers is a relatively young fourth generation reality of producers of extra virgin Calabrian olive oil. Over 150 years ago, in 1832, their great grandfather, Nicola Macrina, opened the first olive pressing mill worked by oxen and donkeys. He eventually had 9 mills with stone grinders. He was followed by his son Gianni Macrina and his ten offspring who kept alive the family tradition of using stone grinders to produce and refine olive oil.





frantoio fratelli macrina olio extravergineThis work - orientated family carried on for many years until wars and various crises caused the family to split up and several brothers and sisters emigrated to America.
Three of Gianni Macrina’s sons, Antonio Tonino, Agostino and Giuseppe Mario remained faithful to the family tradition. Over the last few years they have introduced new ideas thus creating an innovative extra virgin oil production chain. They now use a mill based on a continuous cold pressing cycle and year after year, have been constantly improving the quality of their product.






olio extravergine d'oliva terre di calabriaAnd so, in 2017, the excellent new Società Agricola Biologica “Terre di Calabria dei F.lli Macrina” , the sons of the Master oil expert Antonio Tonino Macrina, came into being. A common bond between father and son and a profound attachment to their common roots are at the base of the joint enterprise undertaken by the two brothers Vito and Nicola Macrina.
Vito, constantly at his father’s side, has learnt all the aspects of the art of oil making and become a Master oil expert. Nicola, on the other hand, a gourmet cuisine Chef, harbours two loves in his heart. The first is the desire to use locally grown Calabrian produce to create innovative refined dishes. The second is to nurture the much-loved centuries old family olive groves and produce high quality extra virgin olive oil.
This bond between the two brothers has meant that traditions, innovations and respect for the environment have combined in an effort to safeguard the natural fertility of the soil and to follow one goal: seal into a bottle all that is biologically good, the roots, the experience and the passions handed down over the past 150 years.