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About us Terre di Calabria



The biological agricultural company “Terre di Calabria” owned by the Macrina Brothers is a relatively young fourth generation of oil producers. It was established in Gasperina, in the province of Catanzaro, in Italy’s most beautiful un-spoiled region: Calabria. This is a land  dedicated to the cultivation of high quality olives and the production of extra virgin oil dates back to times immemorial.

Produzione olio extravergine d'oliva Terre di Calabria


In the centre of the Gulf of Squillace, about 400 meters above sea level, immersed in untouched natural surroundings, behind Gasperina the luxuriant Calabrian mountains rise unhindered and the splendid Ionian lies sea before it. Here the centuries old olive trees belonging to the Macrina family take pride of place. They enjoy an ideal, paradisiacal micro climate. In fact, Calabria’s mountains are famous for the great quantity of excellent pure water which flows through the uncontaminated soil, fills the old water troughs and then reaches the roots of the olive trees which also enjoy sea breezes and long sunny days. This mixture of pure elements is the key to producing high quality extra virgin olive oil, an oil which carries the scent of nature, is rich in polyphenol and peroxide elements and many other beneficial characteristics: an elixir of long life.


Selezione di olive per la spremitura e la produzione di olio extravergine d'olivaCOLD PRESSING

Our cold based oil pressing plant does not exceed a temperature of 27°C and so guarantees the high quality of the oil produced: a product of unblemished excellence. The system used in our oil pressing plant works without adding water, produces an oil which is highly perfumed and rich in antioxidants and aims at creating a perfect finished product. All the processes involved in producing extra virgin Calabrian olive oil in our oil pressing plant in Gasperina assure that temperature conditions do not alter this precious nourishing food.
The extra virgin olive oil is obtained solely via extraction and mechanical processes within 8 hours of harvest.




olio extravergine d'oliva dalla qualità carolea“CAROLEA” THE QUALITY CULTIVAR

The native Carolea olive is used by our company to produce its exquisite oil which is notable for its low acid content which is between 0.2 and 0.3 and for its important organoleptic characteristics and it is therefore a high quality product yellow in colour with green highlights and having a unique bouquet and a delicately fruity taste with hints of almond, artichokes, strawberry tree and herbs. The flavour is sturdy but delicate and elegant with a pleasing spicy aftertaste. It is especially good for young children thanks to its genuineness and high quality.
Our olive oil is thus a favourite with great chefs and is used in gourmet cuisine to enhance optimum dishes.

I fratelli Macrina nella tenuta di famiglia Terre di Calabria